Smoke sensor + Z-Wave module (TEK10)

The FireAngel SM-F-NEUT is a 230V mains powered smoke sensor with a wired interconnected daisy chain to other smoke sensors.
It is a thermally enhanced optical mains powered smoke alarm, featuring Thermoptek technology: It removes the need for ionisation alarms. This simplifies the installation process as you only need one type of smoke alarm.

Ideal for bedrooms, living rooms, landings and hallways. Featuring a sealed, lithium back-up battery, the SM-F-NEUT will continue to power the alarm in the event of mains failure. Designed to last the lifetime of the alarm, the battery will never need replacing. FireAngel can be hardwired & interconnected with up to 30 other alarms in the range. In order to have serial connection on the sirens the smokse sensor needs to be supplied from the same fuse.
If the smokse sensor is not powered by mains then the expected battery life is around 5 years, in this configuration one will not have serial connection on sirens. Our recommendation is therefore to always power the smoke sensor by mains power.

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Tech specs

Brand: Fireangel (Sprue Safety Products ltd.)
Suitable placement: Hall, Livingroom, Bedroom attic (see manual)
Power supply: 230V AC
Sensing type: Optical with Thermoptek technology
Battery backup: 10 year non-removable battery backup
Wired link: 30 Fireangel smoke, heat and carbon monoxide detectors on one network
Siren: 85dB at 3 meters
Sensor battery type: 3-volt lithium (non replacable)
Z-Wave battery type: 3V CR2
Operating temperature: + 4 ° C to + 38 ° C
Certification: BS EN 14604: 2005
Warranty: 5 years
Button functions: A test button and pause function
Locating feature: If all interconnected alarms go into alarm, pressing the test button 1 is sufficient to convert all the detectors in a pause, in addition to the detector, which gives the alarm
Mixed system compatibility: (wired, wireless Z-Wave, battery and 230V)
Height: 53mm
Width: 151.4mm
Depth: 53mm
Weight: 256 grams

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