Recessor for Multisensor 6

A smart home should be intelligent and it should be invisible. Recessor is the realisation of that principle. It connects to MultiSensor 6 and TriSensor allowing either to be seamlessly installed and recessed within a wall or ceiling space. Recessor makes Z-Wave multi-sensors subtle.

Recessor doesn’t just convert MultiSensor 6 into a Z-Wave ceiling or beam sensor, it converts it into a precise sensor.Once recessed, your MultiSensor 6 can be angled up to 30º within Recessor, fine tuning its measurements and readings to be just where you need them.

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Tech specs

Manufacturer: Aeotec
Model: Multisensor 6 Recessor
Color: White  
Rotation from center: 30 °
Dimensions: 86x86x44mm.

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