Radiator Thermostat

The Danfoss Z-Wave Radiator Thermostats is an easy and cost efficient way to get started with a smarter heating system. 

Wireless temperature control – all around the house. For total control of your indoor environment, Living Connect Radiator Thermostats work wireless with the Futurehome Smarthub, bringing you the highest performance in home heating control. A user-friendly interface with a colorful touchscreen display allows you to set-point temperature directly or through the Futurehome app. The installation is easily can be done by yourself. Just unscrew the old thermostat and insert the new. The Thermostat is mounted on to standard connections so no water is exposed.

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Tech specs

Manufacturer: Danfoss
Model: Living Connect Radiator Thermostat 014G0013 (LC13)
Radio:   Z-Wave Frequency: 868.42 MHz
Range: 30 m indoors
Temperature range: 4 - 28 °C
Maximum Water Temperature: 90°C
Temperature sampling: Measures temperature every minute
Synchronizing: Every 5 minutes
Actuator type: Electromechanical
Movement type: Linear
Spindle movement: 2 - 3 mm on the valve
Maximum extension: 4,5 mm
Speed of adjustment: 1 mm/s
Power consumption: 3 mW in standby, 1.2W when active
Display: LCD Backlit display
Battery type: 2 x AA type
Width: 5.1 cm D epth: 9.1 cm
Height: 5.1 cm
Weight: 177 g

Current temperature not reported to controller. The radiator thermostat is supplied with adapters for Danfoss RA and K connections. For other valve types suitable adapters can be supplied through your local plumber.

Supported in Futurehome version 1.7 and up

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