Futurehome modeswitch with icons - white

The  Futurehome modeswitch has  four engraved symbols allowing you to easily switch between Home, Away, Sleep and Vacation modes without reaching to your phone. The Futurehome modeswitch allows you to perform hundreds of actions with just one click.
The Futurehome modeswitch is easy to install in existing standard switch frames or by itself on any surface of your choice as it comes with a double sided tape. 
Maintenance free operation: The modeswitch does not require batteries or power, it uses kinetic energy and is capable of producing just enough power to send the signal to the Futurehome Smarthub.

Please note:  This switch cannot be used to control Z-Wave actuators, only switching Futurehome modes as it uses EnOcean radio technology.  We recommend to place the switch close to the  Smarthub for optimal performance.

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Tech specs

Model name: FT55-WG with Icons

: Eltako
Model: FT55
External Dimensions: 80x80mm
Internal frame dimensions: 55x55mm,
Height: 15mm high.
Technology: Enocean Generates the power for wireless telegrams itself when the button is pressed, therefore there is no connecting wire and no standby loss.

Supported in Futurehome version 1.7 and up

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